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The GW Cancer Center’s Action for PSE Change is an online platform that helps individuals and communities access the information and resources necessary to address inequities in cancer care access across the country. This platform not only provides the information and data to illustrate the scope of cancer care and health outcomes disparities, but can also help users identify policy challenges and develop solutions to create a more accessible and responsive healthcare system in their community. It also provides territory, tribe and state-based case studies to help others learn how to implement PSE change in their own communities.

In order to successfully create PSE change in a community, change agents must understand the unique landscape they are working within—including how policies, systems, and the environment play a role in the ability of all individuals to live healthy, productive lives. Action for PSE Change is one tool to help change agents understand the cancer risks in their community, recognize opportunities to promote healthy behaviors, and ultimately identify pressing challenges that can be remedied through sustained, strategic investments incorporated into the fabric of the community.


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