After you have scanned the environment and assessed available evidence to create SMART goals and objectives, review the feasibility of your proposed PSE change intervention to determine if your goals and objectives can be implemented.

Work with stakeholders to develop a strategy for turning an idea, goal or objective into action, including a discussion of the political, social and economic climate and community readiness. Ensure that key champions are involved to provide their support. Consider the decision makers and key players involved, the resources that exist and that you may still need and the barriers you may face as you get ready to promote your PSE change agenda.



Data can play an important role in determining the feasibility of your PSE change initiative. The following tips may be helpful as you consider how to use data to determine if implementing your PSE change is feasible, both politically and economically, and if it shows the potential for long-term impact.

  • Understand who the gatekeepers and decision makers are in the environment in which the PSE change will potentially take place. Consider the assumptions they might have and make sure you address them when you promote your PSE change.
  • Consider the social landscape and potential economic impact resulting from the PSE change.
  • Review similar PSE change efforts and consider the lessons learned from their implementation and evaluation.
  • Identify resources (both tangible and intangible) that you plan to use to promote and implement your PSE change.
  • Consider costs related to promotion, implementation and evaluation of your PSE change, which might include marketing to the intended audience, staffing or the need for technology.
  • Now that your PSE change activities are better defined, identify additional partners and stakeholders who may have resources or be able to help you overcome unforeseen or anticipated barriers.
    • Use data from the environmental scan, assessment and feasibility study to bring them to the table.
    • Determine what information would be of interest and decide the best way to present this information.
    • Solicit their feedback and consider refining the original goals and objectives based on this information, if needed.


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